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League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developed by Riot Games. With this product we’ll allow you to jump in the ranked games and compete with others, without the hassle of leveling your account to lv30 by yourself. Why would you sacrifice such time when you can just get your account ready and steady instead?


We guarantee you maximum quality on all of the accounts we provide, original and understanding names along with 20+ unopened capsules and at least 10-15k Blue Essences, to allow you to purchase your favorite champions and be ready for rankeds!

What you waiting for, get your smurf today!

Some of the accounts because them were botted, them may have in place low priority queue games
remaining, however, this does not affect at all the quality of the account!
This is a NO WARRANTY account, meaning, you will not receive any replacements or refunds if
the accounts gets banned. This account is being sold at the lowest price possible in order to
test our new production farm ban rates. In the case your account gets banned, please let us know!



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